Concepts of Editing Book

I recently completed my final project for one of my electives Concepts of Editing.
We were tasked with contributing 10 images to a communal archive (15 students x 10 = 150 images). Then we had to design and edit our own project using as many images from the archive as we liked and any format relevant to our concept (books, video, postcards, textiles, etc.)

I chose to create an abstract narrative with the images. A narrative of love and loss was created by selecting appropriate images from the collection of 150 in order to tell a story. Through the use of various transparent pages and symbolic imagery the viewer is invited to draw their own conclusions about the story and interpret the narrative as they wish to. This book is an example of the power of imagery, however abstract, to evoke an emotion in the viewer and tell a story.

You can view all 150 images and check out the other students work here