Fashion Editorial Photoshoot

For my Styling Elective our latest task was to work with a group to art direct, style and organise a fashion editorial photoshoot.

We had creative control with everything from the theme of the shoot, the model we chose, the type of make-up, the locations and the clothes. The cost of the Model, MUA and Photographer was built into the cost of the course, which meant we didn’t have to worry about that, however there were still limitations placed upon us such as our ability to get to different locations within a time-frame, the selection of clothes available to us (basically only what we had) and our time frame. It was an interesting process to go through and working with a group of people I am not familiar with proved challenging at times with everyone having different opinions on what they liked and wanted. But over all I think the shots turned out well and it was definitely a good experience to have.

Thanks to the model Sarah Morris, Photographer Tony Monckton and my team Eleanor, Cameron and Joyce.

Some of the final shots

All photos are Copyright 2013. Do not use without permission.

_Z8T0772 _Z8T0884 _Z8T0915 _Z8T0937 _Z8T0993 _Z8T1031


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