Book Binding and Letterpress Workshop

So it has been a while in between posts, but lots has been happening and our Elective classes are now over and I’m going to attempt to catch up.

An update on some of the workshops I have attended. As part of the course I’m doing we are often given the opportunity to participate in workshops, with specialist lecturers at Central Saint Martins.

Book Binding Workshop
Several weeks ago now myself and several other students attended an all day book binding workshop at Central Saint Martins. We learnt several different techniques for making and binding books and came away from the workshop with three neat little handmade notebooks.

Technique for sewing multiple folded groups of pages together.

Quarter binding, material pasted down along spine to hold.

Letterpress Workshop

The next workshop I attended was a Letterpress workshop organised by our typography lecturer. It was a free workshop but it was arranged to be held in the midst of our final week of Elective subjects so only myself and my friend Jess attended.

The workshop was mostly about introducing us to the letterpress workshop, learning how to set letters and use the inks, and press machine, rather than to create something creative on the spot. But me and Jess did set out some letters and here they are. ‘What does the fox say jacha-chacha-chacha-chow’ is apparently a thing. Jess assures me. (Americans…) 😛



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