This was by far my most challenging project that I completed in London. Our task was to explore and create type that is neither on screen nor on paper.

Whilst being initially excited about the project I soon became apprehensive as it was clear my grandiose ideas were not going to play out quite as I had hoped within the time-frame and limitations of a five week elective course on an unemployed student budget.

I chose to create a typographic exploration based on the theme of cities and home, using quotes and statement related to this. These would then be presented through a number of street art mediums. Paste-ups, stencil art and projections.

After nearly getting arrested (At one point myself and my helper Jess had seven cops surrounding us) and my typographic project budget being re-distributed to paying off our police fines my plans then became smaller and more achievable and were limited to only what I could achieve in the dead of the night, the irony of nearly getting arrested paying tribute to the city I love was not lost on me 😉 Enjoy.


Book Binding and Letterpress Workshop

So it has been a while in between posts, but lots has been happening and our Elective classes are now over and I’m going to attempt to catch up.

An update on some of the workshops I have attended. As part of the course I’m doing we are often given the opportunity to participate in workshops, with specialist lecturers at Central Saint Martins.

Book Binding Workshop
Several weeks ago now myself and several other students attended an all day book binding workshop at Central Saint Martins. We learnt several different techniques for making and binding books and came away from the workshop with three neat little handmade notebooks.

Technique for sewing multiple folded groups of pages together.

Quarter binding, material pasted down along spine to hold.

Letterpress Workshop

The next workshop I attended was a Letterpress workshop organised by our typography lecturer. It was a free workshop but it was arranged to be held in the midst of our final week of Elective subjects so only myself and my friend Jess attended.

The workshop was mostly about introducing us to the letterpress workshop, learning how to set letters and use the inks, and press machine, rather than to create something creative on the spot. But me and Jess did set out some letters and here they are. ‘What does the fox say jacha-chacha-chacha-chow’ is apparently a thing. Jess assures me. (Americans…) 😛


Fashion Editorial Photoshoot

For my Styling Elective our latest task was to work with a group to art direct, style and organise a fashion editorial photoshoot.

We had creative control with everything from the theme of the shoot, the model we chose, the type of make-up, the locations and the clothes. The cost of the Model, MUA and Photographer was built into the cost of the course, which meant we didn’t have to worry about that, however there were still limitations placed upon us such as our ability to get to different locations within a time-frame, the selection of clothes available to us (basically only what we had) and our time frame. It was an interesting process to go through and working with a group of people I am not familiar with proved challenging at times with everyone having different opinions on what they liked and wanted. But over all I think the shots turned out well and it was definitely a good experience to have.

Thanks to the model Sarah Morris, Photographer Tony Monckton and my team Eleanor, Cameron and Joyce.

Some of the final shots

All photos are Copyright 2013. Do not use without permission.

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Accessories Editorial

For my Fashion Styling class one of our assignments was to come up with a creative way to display accessories.
I decided to focus my shoot around the concept of deceased celebrities. Each item on the table holds a clue to the celebrity with the idea being that the viewer should be able to guess which celebrity each shot is modelled after.

Marilyn Monroe

Amy Winehouse

Michael Jackson
Big thanks to everyone who helped me out lending me their accessories!

London Street Art Walk

I recently went on a Street Art Walk our Study Abroad people had organised for us to some of the Street Art hotspots around London.

I have always had an interest in Street Art and often document my findings around Adelaide, and when I get the chance to visit – around Melbourne and Sydney as well. I’m a big fan of the idea of doing something creative anonymously, without credit or expectation, knowing full well that come the next day it could have disappeared.
Ever changing temporary art in a public space.

Street Art has been growing in popularity over the last few years thanks in part to the notoriety of popular british street artist Banksy. London is littered with Banksy souvenirs in every souvenir shops on every corner, right next to the Union jack flag. Some of his most famous pieces adorn key chains, lighters, postcards and t-shirts. Even his works criticising the consumerism capitalist culture of London, which I love the irony of.

Here are some of my favourite pieces I spotted along the way. Including a couple of Banksy’s at the end. I’m always drawn to photograph anything in particular depicting or making a mockery of the royal family, such great UK specific cultural iconography.