Screenprinting Workshop

So recently our college organized for us to do a screenprinting workshop. I have done screenprinting at home before to print a couple of T-shirts for myself but it involved a large amount of time, energy and difficulty substituting all of the professional resources with my own. Think homemade light box for exposure, hair dryer for drying and shower head for cleaning.  So needless to say this was on a whole other level. And it was AWESOME.

The resources here are excellent and the best thing about it is that now I can go back and use it if and when I ever have some free time.



The Central Saint Martins Campus

Today, for the first time I visited the Central Saint Martins Kings Cross Campus. Which, in addition to being the larger and better campus, also means that I will be travelling to and from Kings Cross Station on a regular basis. I’m basically Harry Potter!
Thirteen years later and I still can’t help but look out for anyone dressed in a cloak or carrying an owl. It could happen!

Anyhoo, It’s a lovely campus with a fountain out front and a decorative white shape that forms a zig-zag like shape along it.

Oh and at night the fountain transforms into a rainbow dancing fountain.

So this week I’ve started on my Electives for the course. They include:
Concepts of Editing
Art Direction for Fashion
Fashion Styling

The other option was photography but I have done a year of photography training before and I decided to include a couple of Fashion ones in there to try and expand my knowledge base and if I ever hope to be an Art Director or creative director I want to have knowledge of a variety of different areas..

I’m very excited about our Typography assignment, which is basically to create type that is neither on screen nor on paper. An interesting idea, very constricting yet also very open to doing whatever you want. I have some interesting ideas in the works which may or may not be limited to: growing type, hand-drawn large scale type on a wall, paste ups and projections! Watch this space!